1 March 2011

Next Sailing from UK to Namibia

We are still booking cars, trucks, coaches and other vehicles for shipment to Walvis Bay, Namibia on our next roll on roll off sailing from Sheerness.

The vessel is closing at 1000 hrs on Friday 4th March and currently due to sail on the 9th March. The ETA in Walvis Bay is 24th March.

If you would like a competitive quotation for shipping your vehicle to Walvis Bay, please call us on 01474 331146 or e-mail: glen@wavecrest.co.uk now.


  1. when is the next sailing date after 9th of March

  2. The next sailing from Sheerness will be cloasing for deliveries on 8th April and is expected to arrive in Walvis Bay about the 28th April.

    Sailing dates are subject to change and all cargo must be booked before delivery so please call 01474 331146 for the latest information.

  3. when is the next ship after the 19th of august