26 August 2011

Cars for the Far East

Wavecrest Ltd has been handling shipments of vehicles of all descriptions since our foundation in 1994.

Recently there has been a boom in the shipment of new and used luxury cars such as the Mercedes E250's shown above, from the UK to countries in the Far East.

Cars are usually loaded at our own warehouse facility in Gravesend, Kent and shipped through Tilbury, Thamesport or Felixstowe.

This brand new Mercedes CLS was packed into a 40' container with another car and shipped to Thailand.

The car was carefully driven up our purpose designed loading ramp and into the 40' container.

It was then lashed using four ratchet straps to prevent movement in the container during the sea voyage to Thailand. For additional security timber was used to block the wheels.

If you would like more information about loading cars in containers or shipping to the Far East,
please contact Wavecrest Ltd on Tel: 01474 331146 or e-mail: glen@wavecrest.co.uk

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