4 September 2011

Ferrari Mondial shipped to South Africa

We recently shipped this 1978 Ferrari Mondial to Cape Town, South Africa. It was safely loaded and secured in a 20' container at our warehouse in Gravesend, Kent.

The car belonged to a South African national returning back to Cape Town after working in the UK for a number of years.

Due to his circumstances he was able to get apply for a duty waiver for the car.

If you are a South African national planning on returning permanently to South Africa, you too may meet the criteria for a duty waiver and be able to import your car economically from the UK.

To check whether you meet the criteria you are welcome to complete our free duty waiver assessment form now.

Wavecrest Ltd has been shipping cargo to South Africa since 1994. For rates and further information, please call 01474 331146 or e-mail: glen@wavecrest.co.uk

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