22 November 2012

Another Testimonial

We were pleased to receive the following e-mail from our client Mrs Hope this morning. We recently shipped her personal effects to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dear Glen,
I trust you are well. 
Just a quick note to thank you for your superb service.  Our goods arrived on Tuesday and everything is in tact. 
Admittedly, I am not an easy client, but there was not once a cause for complaint and I am very thankful for the professional, friendly and helpful service.  Your rates were affordable and from the get go, through to the booking and reservation, up to the guys that came and packed and collected all the goods, right through to the delivery at our home in South Africa, I can say 100% that it was impeccable service and I thank you for that!  it is quite a nerve wrecking experience to put your belongings in someone else's care and trusting that it will reach you ok.
Wishing you and the business all the best for the future - you will most definitely be highly recommended to all our friends looking to relocate to South Africa within the next few years.
Kind regards
Mrs J Hope
If you would like a quotation for your shipment to South Africa, please call us on 01474 331146 or e-mail glen@wavecrest.co.uk