30 November 2013

Classic VW Camper's Longest Journey

Here at Wavecrest we are often asked to ship classic VW Camper vans both to and from the UK.
More often that not they are shipped into the UK from countries such as the USA, South Africa, Australia or like these ones, from New Zealand. They are quite often restoration projects.
Recently, however, we were asked to ship the VW Camper van pictured above from the UK to Vancouver as the owner was emigrating to Canada with his family. He did not want to leave his pride and joy behind.
The van was dropped off at our warehouse in Gravesend, Kent where it was then carefully lashed and secured into a 20' container for the 11,500 mile voyage.
The van was originally imported into the UK from Germany and since then the owner has embarked on a number of adventures including driving it across the Sahara to Morocco and back.
The 30 day voyage to Vancouver will be it's longest journey yet.
If you would like help shipping your VW Camper to or from the UK we'd be pleased to hear from you.
Tel: 01474 331146 or e-mail: glen@wavecrest.co.uk for further assistance.